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Lebanese grapes are a true embodiment of exceptional quality and flavor. Grown in the fertile soils of Lebanon, these grapes benefit from the region's unique Mediterranean climate, with sun-drenched days and cool nights. This diurnal temperature variation imparts a remarkable crunchiness and a delightful sweetness to the grapes. 

What sets Lebanese grapes apart is their remarkable shelf life; they can be stored for up to 8 months in our state-of-the-art refrigerated facilities without compromising their freshness and taste. The secret behind their exceptional flavor lies in the soil quality, with Lebanon's diverse terrain influencing the grapes' characteristics in its own way. 

Indulge in the essence of Lebanon's terroir with every juicy bite of our grapes, a testament to the harmonious interplay of soil, climate, and expertise that defines our vineyards.

Grapes Varieties

Red Globes

Black Pearl

White Superior

Crimson Seedless

Grapes Calendar

Grapes Packages

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes of 4 Kgs. – 6 Kgs. and 8 Kgs. net weight in pouches 0.7 Kgs. and 0.9 Kgs. each.

Carton Boxes of Punnets

Carton boxes of 5kgs/10 punnets (0.5kg each) and 5.5kgs/11 punnets (0.5kg each)

Carton boxes of pouches

Carton boxes of 4.5 Kgs. net weight in pouches 0.7 Kgs. and 0.9 Kgs each.